About Kendall


My name is Kendall Blenkarn, I am an athlete, traveller, daughter, sister, girlfriend, baker, friend, perpetual student, and amateur vegetarian baker/cook from Vancouver Canada.

I have a BA from UBC in History and English, and my work in University focused on Medieval Studies, climate fiction, as well as 20th century Europe. I currently work as a marketing communications professional in Health IT.

“Adulting” for me has been characterized by exploring the world and determining how I want to build my life. I have done two major trips. One trip was to Asia, where I trekked around Manaslu in Nepal, backpacked around India, and motorbiked around Vietnam. I also went to Europe, backpacking around Turkey, roadtripping and hiking around Austria, Slovenia, and Northern Italy, and finally, walking 900km across Spain on the Camino del Norte and Camino Primitivo. Aside from major trips, i’ve also travelled around Germany, Central America, and many other spectacular destinations.



I have been vegetarian since the age of 7. I couldn’t stand the concept of eating animals, plus, I never gravitated towards the taste or texture of meat. I spent 2 years as a vegan, which I found rather painful (but I totally support vegans). I currently eat dairy and eggs, but no fish. I believe in eating a whole foods diet, filled with veggies and vegetarian protein to fuel my athletic activities. Cooking for people, and hosting dinner parties is one of the joys in my life!


I am a soul with many passions: art, exercise, friends, electronic music, travel, animals, cooking, baking and reading. Sometimes this makes my life difficult, as it’s hard to decide what to pursue, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I hope you enjoy my multi faceted blog, as it reflects who I am as a person 🙂

2 thoughts on “About Kendall

  1. Hi there,
    I’m having my daughters birthday and she would like 12 unicorn cupcakes for this Saturday. Is this possible?


    1. Hi there! I have replied to you via e-mail. If you do not receive the e-mail, please let me know! And yes, this is do-able 🙂


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